Care Planning

Planning for children

Effective planning and purposeful, achievable actions enable positive change and outcomes for children and young people.

Hillside is committed to its mission statement and child care principles and ensures these are an integral part of the care planning and intervention programmes agreed through the Care Planning and Review Meetings. We have high expectations on all participants to ensure an effective response to meet the assessed needs of children and young people.

Care Planning Meetings

Within five working days of a young person’s admission, a Planning Meeting will be held, always attended by the young person’s Social Worker and or YOT Worker. The young person will also attend and family members will be encouraged to attend.

This meeting will be chaired by a Manager at Hillside and will agree and set the placement aims and objectives, identifying the actions and intervention necessary to achieve them. These actions and interventions will already begin to identify issues related to discharge planning to enable a successful return to the community, when the time is right.

Within Hillside each young person is allocated a Plan Coordinator, who manages and monitors the plan and a Keyworker to undertake and organise the interventions and actions identified to enable a successful placement. This will include referrals to any of the specialist assessment and therapeutic interventions available within Hillside.

Young Persons' Consultation

Each young person is actively encouraged to express their wishes and feelings through the Care Planning process. They are able to complete a Consultation document prior to the meeting

Care Planning Reviews

All Care Plans will be formally reviewed and attended by all relevant people after one month and at the identified statutory times thereafter, which would not exceed three months. Monthly interim progress review meetings will also take place between the Plan Coordinator and or Keyworker, the young person and the Social Worker / YOT Worker.

Review Meetings effectively monitor the progress being made by the young person through the respective actions and interventions agreed. The aims and objectives are also reviewed and amended to ensure on-going progress, aimed at achieving positive placement outcomes and effective value for money for placing Local Authorities and agencies. Resettlement plans are also discussed with the Review Meetings and we consistently find much work is required within the community in preparation for a young person's return. The Social Worker or YOT Worker will primarily undertake this work and Hillside is able to provide significant support through information giving, liaison and attendance at some external meetings.

As part of the care and resettlement plan Hillside is also able to construct and implement a mobility plan. Subject to risk assessments, mobilities (time outside Hillside) will be facilitated by Hillside in order to prepare a young person for their return to the community. The mobility plan will also be discussed and agreed within the Care Plan Review Meeting. On occasions when it would not be appropriate or possible for Hillside to undertake the mobility, arrangements would be agreed with the Social Worker or YOT Worker to ensure it took place.

The Care Planning focuses on all the child’s development headings identified within the ‘Assessment Framework’ and touches on parenting and family issues. This aims to ensure seamless assessment, planning interventions and outcomes in respect to all children and young people placed at Hillside.

Video Conferencing Facilities

Hillside has  video conferencing facilities to enable young people, their carers and professionals to maintain and promote contact. The Video conferencing system can also facilitate contact meetings, court appearances and care plan review meetings. These are all subject to prior arrangement and approval.