Effective Outcomes

Effective Outcomes

The service delivery is undertaken by well-trained experienced, often qualified persons in the respective fields of expertise. We invest heavily in our staff team and provide a comprehensive three-year training programme that includes induction, specialisms and NVQs at level 3 and 4. Staff are linked to direct programmed work in relation to their competence and expertise to support and co-work alongside specialist workers.

The range of comprehensive assessments and individualised programmes of intervention are monitored and evaluated regularly and the outcomes reported through the monthly case reviewing process.

Detailed monitoring through information technology systems evidence the progress made by children and young people on an on-going basis and used by staff to work with children / young people. This information is evaluated by the Senior Management Team monthly and informs decisions in respect to individuals as well as service delivery and development, highlighting ‘what works’ on an individual and Centre basis. These outcomes are consistently evaluated against the Home’s Mission Statement and Child Care Principles.

 “Hillside should be an informed positive placement for children and young people as the results speak for themselves”.

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