Programmes of Intervention

The intervention work undertaken is driven by the assessment process that begins with the case worker's assessment of the child / young person pre and post admission. Within Hillside the Education Department undertake an Education Assessment and refer onto an Education Psychologist if required.

The Clinical Psychologists complete an Emotional and Behavioural Assessment within 30 days of admission and refer onto the Consultant Psychiatrist for a Mental Health Assessment if needed.

The day-to-day observations and recordings of care staff also feed into the assessment process and children and young people will be referred to the Drug and Alcohol Service and / or Barnardos for assessment, counselling, treatment or therapy in response to the initial assessment.

The key to effective intervention is knowing what the cause of the problem is.

The Specialist Support Services identified previously would be accessed to take on an area of specialist intervention as part of the total package of intervention identified through the Care Planning Process i.e. Psychologists, Psychiatrist, Barnardos etc.

Within Hillside the care staff are trained and supported by the Specialist Services to undertake direct programmes of work with groups and or on an individualised basis. There is an expanding range of intervention programmes aimed at meeting the diverse and individual needs of children and young people i.e. self-esteem building, confidence building, self awareness, offending behaviour etc. The education PSE classes also have a broad curriculum focus.