All young people are provided with opportunities for mental and physical activities, which are appropriate to their age, gender, culture and preferences.

The provision of such opportunities will be both part of the planned service provision and will facilitate personal relaxation and informal social activity between the young people resident.

Staff encourage young people to engage in the use of the recreational and leisure facilities available to them, to maintain and develop their interests, which will also support the young person when they return to the community.

The facilities on each living Unit include Televisions, Radios, Videos, Playstations, CD Players, Crafts, Board Games, Books, Magazines, Art Equipment and an external recreational garden area.

Other facilities across the Centre include, Gymnasium, Fitness Room, All Weather Outdoor Pitch, Art Craft Room, Craft Design and Technology Room, Computer Room, Horticultural Garden, Cinema, Karaoke / Music Room, also the Vocational Workshop facilities includes building, plumbing, electrical, home economics, health & beauty, Level 6 Room, painting & decorating.

All children and young people have access to these broad ranged facilities outside the formal education day. They are accessed for fun as well as to compliment other individual work being undertaken i.e. self-esteem building.

Towards the end of the child / young persons stay, mobility planning is often organised as part of the discharge planning. Many children and young people undertake supervised visits to leisure facilities, which have included Swimming, Cinema, Horse Riding, Go-Karting, Mountain Walking and many more.