Phoenix Fire Course

Pheonix ProjectHillside & Mid-West Wales Fire Service Young Fire Fighters Phoenix Course.


Hillside has worked in partnership with Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service since 2005. The Phoenix team consists of Hillside Care Officers and Fire Service Personnel who have developed the course over the past six year period.

The team have carefully, with selected young people, who are at risk of committing or suffering harm from arson / fire and road accidents.

The Phoenix Project is intensive, practical course, aimed at youths and young people aged between 13-17, who have offended and may be on the verge of further offending. It is intended to give the young people the opportunity to work as part of a team in order to accomplish tasks and goals.

This is undertaken utilising the fire brigade personnel and resources. The young people learn basic fire safety education and first aid skills, which they have missed if they are not regular school attendees.

The course gives them the opportunity to work as a team, where they must rely on each other in order to accomplish specific tasks.


To engage young people who are involved in anti-social behaviour, or who are at risk of engaging in anti-social behaviour

Specific aims of the course are to develop self-esteem and self-confidence within the participants.

  • To develop team work and communication skills.
  • To enhance the clear direction, to reduce levels of anti-social behaviour and fire related offences.
  • To deliver training on fire drills and first aid skills.


The five day course itinerary includes the following elements:

  • Fire Fighting Skills e.g. RTA
  • Operations such as car cutting.
  • First Aid Skills.
  • CPR.
  • Life Skills.
  • Drug and Alcohol Education.

The five day course concludes with a passing out parade for all participants who complete the course.

There are follow up meetings 4-6 weeks after the week long course. A series of two hour weekly follow up sessions take place. These include further tuition on fire fighting skills and drug and alcohol education.

This is done in conjunction with the education department and is taking forward through the PHSE lessons. Instructors and young people who participate in the fire fighting course are invited to complete evaluation sheets, which aim to reflect the content and quality of the programme.

The young people and team members have been actively involved in the development of an educational DVD. This will provide educational advice, and experience from the young people that have participated in the course, which can be used by young people, youth groups and school groups, to raise awareness and promote reduction and prevention of fire / arson / road accidents.

The DVD will give the community the opportunity to see the impact that the Phoenix Course makes on the young people at risk of offending, relating to fire / arson and road traffic incidents. The victims group attached to the deaths, damages, injuries and consequences are enormous.

The film / DVD made by the young people will evidence changes in their thinking / attitudes and behaviour, for undertaking the Phoenix Course during their residence at the Centre.

A DVD made by the young people at risk or Sentenced by the Courts for insults of arson / road accidents / car crimes will be a powerful educational outreach tool. This is one example of the excellent work being facilitated at the Centre, as part of the Phoenix Programme and will be used to promote the Phoenix Course further afield.

Phoenix Fire Booklets & Session Sheets
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pdf Phoenix Project - Hillside Booklet
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pdf Phoenix Project Booklet (Welsh)
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pdf Road Safety
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pdf Road Safety (Welsh)
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pdf Home Fire Safety
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pdf Home Fire Safety (Welsh)
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pdf Grass Fires/Arson
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pdf Grass Fires/Arson (Welsh)
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pdf Consequences of Crime
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pdf Consequences of Crime (Welsh)
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pdf Simple Answer Sheet
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pdf Simple Answer Sheet (Welsh)
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