Visits are restricted during school hours and meal times. Professionals wherever possible are required to adhere to this restriction

Visiting Times
Visits during term time Visits during school holidays and weekends
4.00 - 8.00 pm 10.00 am - 1.00 pm
3.00 - 8.00 pm

No visits during mealtimes 5pm - 6pm

All visits will finish by 8.00 pm to allow the young person to settle before bed time.  Visits are for 1hr unless exceptional circumstances exist when an extension can be agreed.

All visits must be booked 24hrs in advance. 

When you book your visit, we will ask you to give all names of people visiting.  Visitors will not be allowed access to the centre unless they are booked in to visit.

Please bring photo identification every time you visit.

All visitors must have approved contact through the planning meeting or the social worker / youth offending team officer. 

If contact is authorised for a young person less than 18 years old they can only visit with an appropriate adult and the must also have a letter of consent from their own parent / guardians.

A maximum of 4 people are allowed to visit at any one time (this excludes small children).

When visiting you will not be allowed to take any item through to the secure area.  All items must be handed in to reception where they will be placed in a secure locker.

Hillside recognises the importance and value of maintaining family contact. Hillside has self contained accommodation for family members and professionals wishing to visit and stay overnight.

All visits are monitored by CCTV and in certain cases a member of staff may be present during the visit

See also: Permitted Items for Young People