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Specialist Support Services

Hillside has a range of specialist services available due to multi-agency partnership working.

Hillside is currently partnership working with the following organisations:

The following intervention are available at Hillside:

Service Provider Intervention
Drug and Alcohol Service (WCADA SWITCH) Assessment and counselling
Tros Gynnal Advocacy Service
GP / Psychiatrist / Staff Risk assessment for self-harm / suicide
Barnado’s / Staff TAITH Sex offender assessment and therapy
Psychiatrist Mental health assessments, programmes and therapies
Psychologist Emotional and behavioural assessments, interventions, programmes and therapy

The Specialist Services join with the management team at Hillside on a regular basis to undertake clinical discussions and plan service developments.

Medical assessments specifically for the Court have to be commissioned separately from the above and can only occasionally be undertaken by our own Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychologist.

Last update: 08/03/2017

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